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    AppCards Sound Bingo, f/ Apple: iOS 5.0 + & Google Android 2.3.3

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    Jumbo AppCards Sound Bingo

    appCards is the new way of playing card games together.

    After the success of iPawn Jumbo introduces a new innovative appcessory game range: appCards. appCards are fun card games for the whole family that you play in combination with an app. You download the app for free on your smartphone or tablet (Android / iOS). The app is required to play the card game and adds a new dimension to the gameplay. Per February Jumbo 3 exciting appCards games are available: Colour Slam, Pim Pam Pet and Sound Bingo.

    Sound Bingo appCards (4+) requires young players to match sounds with the associated images. Can you recognise the roar of a lion or the splashing of the raindrops? The first player to turn over all their appCards correctly shouts “Bingo”!

    Minimum device specs

    appCards is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Please refer to the minimum device specs below to determine if your specific device is compatible.

    Apple: iOS 5.0; iPod Touch 4th generation; iPhone 4; iPad & iPad mini

    Google Android: Google Android 2.3.3, resolution 480 x 800, processor 1GHz, 512 MB.

    System requirements

    Minimum system requirements
    480 x 800
    Minimum processor
    Minimum RAM
    512 MB


    Compatible operating systems
    Apple: iOS 5.0\nGoogle Android 2.3.3+
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