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O'Reilly JBoss: A Developer's Notebook

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    JBoss: A Developer's Notebook

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    O'Reilly JBoss: A Developer's Notebook

    There's nothing ordinary about JBoss. What began as an open source EJB container project six years ago has become a fully certified J2EE 1.4 application server with the largest market share, competitive with proprietary Java application servers in features and quality. And with its dynamic architecture, JBoss isn't just a J2EE server. You can alter the services to make J2EE work the way you want, or even throw J2EE away completely.

    After more than a million downloads, many JBoss users are no longer trying it out on internal test boxes, but rolling it out on production machines. JBoss: A Developer's Notebook takes you on a complete tour of JBoss in a very unique way: rather than long discussions, you will find code--lots of code. In fact, the book is a collection of hands-on labs that take you through the critical JBoss features step-by-step. You don't just read about JBoss, you learn it through direct practical application. That includes exploring the server's many configurations: from bare features for simple applications, to the lightweight J2EE configuration, to everything JBoss has in store-including Hibernate and Tomcat.

    JBoss: A Developer's Notebook also introduces the management console, the web services messaging features, enhanced monitoring capabilities, and shows you how to improve performance. At the end of each lab, you'll find a section called "What about..." that anticipates and answers likely follow-up questions, along with a section that points you to articles and other resources if you need more information.

    JBoss is truly an extraordinary application server. And we have an extraordinary way for you to learn it.

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