2-Power CBI3412A rechargeable battery View larger

2-Power CBI3412A rechargeable battery

2-Power CBI3412A

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    Main Battery Pack 10.8V 5200mAh Medion Akoya E6201

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    2-Power CBI3412A rechargeable battery

    2-Power has one of the largest ranges and stock holdings of compatible laptop batteries in Europe. All 2-Power Li-Ion laptop battery packs are assembled with Japanese and Korean cells providing unrivalled quality and greater reliability than many originals. The batteries are designed specifically for each brand and laptop model for voltage, capacity and fit. Continuous range development ensures that with 2-Power you have batteries for virtually all laptops.

    2-Power laptop batteries are random tested in-house as part of a total quality control programme to ensure compete safety. They are also supplied with 12 months warranty against manufacturing defect. Unlike some brands that use Chinese or even refurbished cells, 2-Power laptop batteries only use high quality, brand new components.

    The 2-Power brand is committed to offer a solution for virtually all manufacturers on the market, irrespective of popularity. Our sales expertise allows your customer to stock the most popular batteries for your region or market.

    At 2-Power safety is a priority. We only use UL1642 certified Korean (Samsung) or Japanese (Panasonic, Sanyo) cells. All components are separated by insulated fire retardant paper. This prevents components touching and potentially short circuiting. In addition all cells have a rubber separator for increased safety. Flat metal connectors are used which have a low resistance, do not overheat and are less prone to damage.

    Weight & dimensions

    313 g
    21 mm
    52 mm
    275 mm


    Compatible products
    Medion Akoya E6201
    Colour of product
    Number of batteries included
    Battery voltage
    10.8 V
    Battery capacity
    5200 mAh
    Battery technology

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