Epson TM-L90-i (771): BOX PRINTER FOR XML, PS, ECW, w/o AC cable

Epson C31C412771

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    Intelligent receipt printer

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    Epson TM-L90-i (771): BOX PRINTER FOR XML, PS, ECW, w/o AC cable

    Ease of use The Epson TM-T88V-i provides convenient and straightforward receipt printing directly from tablet PCs and other mobile devices without the need for drivers, so a LAN or WLAN connection is all that you will need. In fact, the TM-T88V-i can print from any device that is running a popular web browser. Intelligent functionality Using a unique built-in intelligence called ePOS-Print, the TM-T88V-i is able to receive XML commands from web applications in addition to communicating directly with browsers supporting HTML 5, such as Safari®, Chrome™, Internet Explorer® and the standard Android browser. This makes the TM-T88V-i ideal for restaurants, hotels and bars using tablet PCs or mobile phones for ordering. Additionally, users can switch between applications without changing printer settings, and configure the printer from mobile devices. Control connected devices Due to ePOS-Print’s ability to recognise all major ESC/POS functions which are sent as XML commands, the TM-T88V-i can control cash drawers, as well as additional printers with a wired or wireless UIB interface, such as order-driving kitchen printers. Reliable, easy servicing and maintenance The TM-T88V-i is ideal for businesses that require a stable system that is cost-effective to implement and maintain. With no drivers to update and no need for a permanent connection to a PC or server, servicing and trouble-shooting are simple. In addition, fewer pieces of equipment mean less power consumption, reducing bills and environmental impact. Greyscale printing The TM-T88V-i has the added benefit of greyscale printing. This allows users to add logos and images to their printouts, providing extra marketing opportunities when printing receipts and materials which customers will interact with.
    Print via browsers - Print directly from HTML 5 browsers
    No drivers needed - No drivers to install or update
    XML compatible - Responds to web application commands
    ESC/POS function - Recognises functions sent as XML
    Greyscale printing - Add logos and images to materials

    Print technology

    Character size
    0.99 x 2.4 mm

    Technical details

    Relative humidity
    10 - 90%

    Other features

    1.6 kg

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