Vogel's PFD8543 mounting kit

Vogel's PFD8543
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PFD8543 - 360°/200°, 3 pivot points, 14.1kg maxWeightLoad, Silver/Aluminium

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Vogel's PFD8543 mounting kit

This Vogel’s desk mount is designed for intensive professional use. Features like adjustable bearings, three point cable management and the special Flexmount™ provide outstanding performance and longlasting quality. The stylish design fits any décor or type of desk.
For areas where a lot of different people work with a monitor, like reception desks or flex workstations, our floating model is the perfect solution. The adjustable gas spring makes the monitor weightless, so you can easily pull your monitor up and down to the right height. The PFD 8543 model is designed to support monitors in the weight class 5.4 - 13 kg (11.9 - 28.6 lbs). The Flexmount lets you install the desk mount in 6 different ways. So you can be sure that the Vogel’s desk mount will fit just about every desk set-up without having to buy additional accessories.

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Maximum weight (capacity)
14.1 kg


Installation angle
Turn angle

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