Sony 1287-5637 mobile phone case

Sony 1287-5637
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Style Cover Stand, Sony Xperia Z3

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Sony 1287-5637 mobile phone case

Innovative and protective

Style Cover SCR24 is an innovative protective cover for your Xperia Z3 with smart window functionality. When it’s closed it protects your smartphone and lets you use dedicated functions. Made from premium materials, Style Cover SCR24 comes in four colours.

Smart window function

When you close the cover, selected widgets from your Xperia Z3 status bar or home screen are both visible and interactive. For example, you can see and read an incoming message, activate your Xperia Z3 camera and control your music without opening the cover.

One-touch set up

The first time you use the Style Cover SCR24, you establish a connection to your Xperia Z3 and get an opportunity to download dedicated smart window widgets and apps. This means you can decide exactly what happens when you open and close the cover. Customise and enjoy smart window functions the way you want them.


When you’re on the move you can control dedicated Xperia Z3 functions with one hand. The Style Cover SCR24 protects your Xperia Z3 and lets you keep track of the most important things in life.

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