Artwizz 5965-1356 mobile phone case

Artwizz 5965-1356

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    AluBumper frame protection for iPhone5/5s, Gold

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    Artwizz 5965-1356 mobile phone case

    Metal – like your iPhone
    Pure aluminium that fits perfectly and closed with a secure steel clasp available in shimmering gold, titanium or silver.
    The modern aluminium bumper from Artwizz blends with your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. This high-quality protective bumper reflects our values: authenticity, durability and honesty. The AluBumper doesn’t just have a metallic finish. It’s made of aluminium – just like your smartphone. The bumper will not affect the material, weight or slim design of your iPhone. The AluBumper will not lose its lustre with time, as it is completely rustproof. The rounded edges of the AluBumper update the look of your iPhone 5 with smoother, cleaner lines.

    Hard on the outside, soft on the inside
    This iPhone 5 bumper offers great protection despite its exceptionally slim design. How’s that possible, you may ask? The protective aluminium bumper concentrates on the areas of your iPhone most prone to damage: its corners and edges. While the robust frame protects your iPhone, its soft, velvety lining prevents your iPhone’s aluminium body from coming into direct contact with the aluminium bumper. We’ve designed the case so that there is a bit of clearance between iPhone and the AluBumper, which further prevents scratching.

    Up-market accessory with steel catch
    From its conception, through its design, to its material. The AluBumper represents a new generation of mobile accessory. Forget the bright colors and short-lived quality of cases past. Embrace a slim case with an understated design and quality materials – the color of which will compliment your iPhone exquisitely.
    The AluBumper is more than just a convenient case. We deliberated on every detail of its design, including its flexible, stainless steel clasp. It makes opening the case easy, while ensuring the best possible hold.
    The iPhone 5 AluBumper is perfect for those of you looking for an up-market accessory that is easy to use.

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